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BIG BANG our #1 selling STIM preworkout iS BACK!!!!!!!!

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  • BIG BANG our #1 selling STIM preworkout iS BACK!!!!!!!!

    BIG BANG is our #1 selling and performing STIM PRE-WORKOUT
    This has 75mgs of 1,3 dmaa and many other amazing ingredients including Creatine HCL

    If you liked JACK3D you will love this!

    ON SALE TODAY FOR $39.99

    [COLOR=#606060 !important]Product Reviews[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#808080 !important]Best pwo I have used yet [/COLOR]

      Posted by Pat Hadden on 26th Jan 2021
      Been using high caffeine stimulate pwos and hate the way it made me feel. I have to use something because I get up at 250 every morning and drive 2 hours to work 10 hours and drive home and hit the gym 6 days a week. The big bang was the cleanest energy I have experienced. I had laser focus and a decent pump. No terrible crash like my pwos in the past.

    • [COLOR=#808080 !important]Excellent preworkout [/COLOR]

      Posted by Roy on 30th Sep 2020
      I really enjoyed this preworkout . It has greatingredients . About 30 mins after taking it I started feeling a noticable energy increase . I started having extreme focus as well . The pump I got was intense !

    • [COLOR=#808080 !important]You won't regret it. [/COLOR]

      Posted by n. wallis on 11th Aug 2020
      Might be the best I've ever used. Dude is staright business. Shipped immediately and arrived a day early. I will continue buying from gymntonic.

    • [COLOR=#808080 !important]Amazing product [/COLOR]

      Posted by Dan on 22nd Apr 2020
      How do they have all those powerful ingredients with such a light taste? I'm amazing at this pre workout. Taste is amazing and it hits hard with ZERO crash.
      Well freaking done BTP Creations

    • [COLOR=#808080 !important]Great pre-workout [/COLOR]

      Posted by Dana on 27th Oct 2019
      This pre-workout is great. It gave me the energy I needed to blow through my cardio and the pump I was looking for, for weight lifting without jitters and with no crashing. It has a light fruit punch flavor which is good, it wasn't too sweet like some other pre-workouts I've had.

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