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Wesley VS Stimulate by Iron Mag Labs )energy and focus)

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  • Wesley VS Stimulate by Iron Mag Labs )energy and focus)

    Thanks to Iron Mag Labs for letting me try this product out for free and give a quick review on it.

    Disclaimer: I do rep for Iron Mag Labs but will leave an open and honest review on this product. If you wish to buy it prior to my review, discount code "WES15" gets you 15% off. Or if you just wanna take a closer look at the label heres the link:

    This is advertised as a Nootropic style product for focus and energy. By the ingredient panel I can see this as a fat loss agent, focus, energy, or even pre workout.

    So lets test this out starting next week. I will try different methods, morning, afternoon, fasted with food. You know just your general experimenting, I will start with 1 cap and then move up to 2, then 3, etc.

    Thanks to anyone following along.

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    Following love stims!!


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      Update DAY 1 of using this.

      Took 1 cap on empty stomach with a cup of coffee. Def felt it kick in and felt temperature increase an hour later. I will say this stuff is potent bc I had to write a few things down and my hands were shaking LOL.

      Did not get to workout on it, but will do that prob 2morrow.

      Too new to say too much but I did get that almost chills feeling at one point too.


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        Been sticking with 2 caps and this product def has good energy , I feel hot about an hour after taking it. Def can improve mood and give you a dialed in feeling. It def hits me harder on empty stomach then with food,.

        I feel like if you took this too late it could possibly give you some insomnia, so that is something to watch.

        I actually had my gf try it out, and on 2 pills several times she said the only thing she feels is a bit of energy. So we will try 3 for her. Goes to show you how individual response is a real thing.

        I have no plans to go to 3 bc for me as is 2 is sufficient, and I know 3 for me will be overkill.

        Will update again soon and let u know any new findings.