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  • Wesley VS Vital Proteins

    • Got a bunch of new products to Beta Test and Review! Thanks to Dan at Vital Proteins!

      Have used many of their products to date and these are

      I am not affiliated with this brand, just wanted to get you guys some reviews of each of these as I go along.

      Pre-wave is collagen + caffeine + pwo

      Beef Gelatin is beef collagen to promote bone and joint and gut health

      Collagen peptides is hydrolized collagen + hyaluronic acid +. Great for joints and skin

      Cartilage Collagen is joint bone and immune support

      Recovery wave bcaa is intra or post workout + electrolytes

      Bone Broth Collagen is collagen l, hyularinjc acid and Chondroitin

      Coffee is a high grade Colombian coffee. Tried it today and it's excellent!!

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    Ok so my first review will be on the Collagen Peptides. I listed the ingredients down below. I have been using this in my protein shake and coffee as creamer also.

    It has a very mild taste to it, almost like milk, very creamy. Super fine powder, mixes super easy and you can tell this is a high quality product.
    Will continue using this until I run out. Def a nice supplemental product for Collagen, etc.


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      Ok here is an update for you guys. Ran the sleep product every night for a week, then did every other night just to see the differences.

      Great product. This is a sleep performance product. I sleep deeper, though I wont say it "puts me to sleep" per say but its better rest for fact. I wake up feeling alot more refreshed and less dehydrated to be honest. I have to say I truly like that this product and notice a difference the days I did not use.

      I will say I noticed some increases in vivid dreams and even a few bad dreams while using this product, so that is always a possibility anytime you add in sleep PEDs. Here is the bottle and label for you guys to check out.


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        Ok here is the review on the Recovery Wave Product/ I have been using it intraworkout and at times I have added some creatine HCL into the mix.

        The flavor is Guava Lime and at first I didn't really like it, but now I am used to it, and it cuts well with gatorade or even orange juice. When you mix this, it doesnt mix instantly, probably the collagen pops to the top but if you stir it, let it sit a minute or two and then return and stir it, it does blend fine.

        The profile is very very good on this item and I did enjoy using it the past few weeks during my sessions. I felt fuller and more hydrated during my routines and I did notice I had more energy. Im a huge proponent of Intra Workout drinks for optimum performance when one can afford them. Most people are on a budget, so when people are cutting corners leaving an intra workout out, is very often what happens.

        If you can afford it and add this into your routine I am sure within a few months you will see nice increase in size and strength due to the recovery affects of such a product.


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          Update 2/24/2020

          Ok I will finally review the Coffee. This is the 2nd bag of coffee I have tried with them. The first was called GONDO and I wasn't a fan of the flavor tbh but it smelled awesome and was a very unique blend tbh.

          This is the straight colombian which is more my style, I just like basic coffee. This is probably the hardest coffee beans I have ever seen so you must have a good blender or bring to the store and use a professional grinder. This is not sold as powder, this is bag of beans. And it is a bit pricy, at around $17 a bag, but honestly this stuff is gourmet coffee.

          Zero comparison to regular or store bought coffee. I was told they source this from one farm and that no one else here in the US even has this version. And I think that is believable.

          Just an overall extremely smooth cup of coffee and blows away starbucks, dunkin donuts, etc.

          Would be ideal for the coffee lover, prob not just the average coffee drinker.

          Will update another one of the products this week