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    ive VERY versed in every headshop, commercial, non commercial extract powder or liquid. Literally all of em.

    Hit up Straight Up a couple years ago wasn’t a fan. And then Adam started to tell me their stuff had really come up in quality and that they have these 2 extracts.

    MIT5, meaning 5% Mitragynine by weight, and MIT10 meaning 10% alkaloid by weight.

    so I got both and put a few grams of each into some personal mixed bags and holy fuk. These are the best Kratom extracts I’ve ever used. I’ve had UEI, gold reserve. Hard to find legit extracts, and I’ve had 47.3% Mitragynine but this 5 and 10 kick ass. Their private house blend is amazing

    no wobbles. Doesn’t seem to have a ceiling. However they’re getting the MIT they must be getting a lot of other desirables because this feels way way fucking better than put MIT.

    fascinatont such a low mit amount too the 5% is very light yellow, pollen like, and I remember an old extract back in the day was yellow and just reminded me. Just MIT is always dark so yellow means it’s got its own goodies itself. Actually 95% pure MIT is yellow glowing.

    anyway. Fuk MO. Fuk Caleb. Real UEI doesn’t exist and gold reserve gave me wobbles.

    get this and mix it in

    guys are KILLING IT!

    house blend and super red Borneo special blends.

    But seriously. After my first bag I nought 2
    more of each extract and planning on stocking up when a sale comes around. If this is is ever discontinued, I’m buy kilos like I did in the scare of 16!

    no really I bought 100 kilos when they were talking about the 30 day ban. KILOS. 4 years later and still
    kilos left haha

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    Thanks for the post Nate_The_Great