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SR9009 (in oil base) is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

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  • SR9009 (in oil base) is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

    MA Research Presents...

    SR9009 in an Oil Base

    Available Now!!!

    Hi, guys. It's finally here. Click on the link below to be taken directly to the SR9009 product page.

    Due to the time consuming production process involved, SR9009 inventory will be re-stocked daily, with roughly 8-10 units being made available per day.

    Therefore, I am unable to take pre-orders or hold orders. Customers will be prioritized equally, with all sales being made on a first come, first serve basis.

    There are currently 6 vials left for today (several sold within the first few minutes). Remember, the product will be re-stocked DAILY, so if you don't get it one day, just check back the next. At 8-10 vials per day, there will be roughly 240-300 vials available per month. See the link below


    Please see REPS for Discount Codes!!

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    Use my code "WES15" at checkout for 15% off
    Click image for larger version

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      I had 2 in my cart and got jacked lmao!!


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        Inj form??


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          Originally posted by Mick View Post
          I had 2 in my cart and got jacked lmao!!
          Hey Mick the trick is this. You cannot ADD products to cart from the main page. I dont know why. But go to the page and when you see the SR. Click to VIEW the product. Once you isolate the SR, then go in and you will see that you can add units (always look to see how many are in stock because you cannot order more then that) and this product will only have a few per day.
          Then add it to the cart then, and then go to checkout and you are set.

          For some odd reason, if you try and checkout or add to cart from main page, it deletes it. LMK if I can help and thank you sir!! -Wesley


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            Any reviews on this stuff? SR9009 sounds legit but struggle to find any reliable logs.


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              Originally posted by Alec321 View Post
              Any reviews on this stuff? SR9009 sounds legit but struggle to find any reliable logs.
              Alec321 there are reviews on a few other forums. We have not sold a super ton of this product simply bc we have a very limited supply of it on hand at all times. But it is very well liked, and it is Lab Tested, so you are going to be happy with any of the items we carry. Everything is guaranteed quality. Thank you


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                Definitely interesting as far as the carrier... seems like it would be great thrown in preworkout due to immediate bioavailability.


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                  MA LABS , any feedback as far as just using preworkout for endurance/metabolic boosting impact?