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WeSLeY vS. "Collision Course" Super PWO by MA LABS

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  • WeSLeY vS. "Collision Course" Super PWO by MA LABS

    Ok guys,

    It's finally here. Thank you for the wait. The year of the Coronavirus. Has screwed up many many things, so for once for us MuscleHeads we have some GREAT NEWS!

    As always Disclaimer: I am a rep for MA LABS and MA Research. Pretty sure I am the OG Rep right Mike? First one. But as always, I will be fair and honest about this product.

    I will say this. I work for 13 brands, including my own store GYM n TONIC as you guys know. But let's be honest here...who makes supplements as good as Mike? MA Labs? Genuinely I have to say every product I have ever tried from them blows me away. So I am happy to rep for them.

    Now that, thats out of way....

    Lets get started!

    Here are some photos:

    Another photo of how this looks compared to a normal size PWO

    Here is the consistency of the product. Now it's very damp. Reminds me of MA Pump. I know with the ingredients in this, that clumping is going to be an issue but honestly that does not matter to me. If it hardens, you simply put into a blender or coffee grinder and blend it up. If its damp, just scoop it up and it takes a tiny bit longer to mix. Not a deal breaker.

    Mike didn't tell me what flavor this is, but I tasted it, and it's like a Peach, Orange type flavor.

    TBJ just from a tiny spoonful, the flavor was excellent. It masked any ingredients whatsoever. Nice job on that.

    I am unsure that this is the final analysis on the ingredient list, but this is what I have to date:

    COLLISION COURSE Ingedient Profile

    Servings per Container: 20-30

    Electrolyte Complex

    Sodium: 300 mg/ 200 mg

    Potassium: 150 mg/ 100 mg
    Magnesium: 75 mg/ 50 mg

    Pump Complex

    L-Citrulline: 10,000 mg/ 6,666 mg

    GlycerSize™: 5,000 mg/ 3,333 mg
    Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid): 300 mg/ 200 mg
    AstraGinTM: 50 mg (increases citrulline absorption by 43%)/ 33 mg

    Dyna-RUSH (Energy, Focus, Mood & Cognitive Enhancement)

    Dynamine™ (40%): 250 mg (providing 100 mg Dynamine)/ 166 mg (providing 66 mg Dynamine)

    Caffeine Anhydrous: 250 mg/ 166 mg
    L-Theanine: 200 mg/ 133 mg
    Eria Jarensis: 150 mg/ 100 mg
    Sunifiram: 10 mg/ 6.6 mg
    Huperzine-A: 150 mcg/ 100 mcg

    Strength, Power & Endurance Blend

    Beta Alanine: 3,200 mg

    Creatine HCL: 3,000 mg
    Betaine Anhydrous: 2,500 mg


    I love the option of Creatine HCL over Mono. I know some people think they are all equal but I disagree. I don't like Beta Alanine, bc I don't like "tingles" but I can't deny its performance effects. Love the citrulline and the nootropics in this too as you all know I'm a huge fan and I believe my PWO Ultimate Orange Juiced and PunchOut may have been the first PWO with nootropics in them (noopept and phenylpricetam, adrafinil)

    Anyways I look forward to trying this.

    I'm back at the gym 4+ days a week since my youngest daughter is in school. So count on me reporting on this product this week.

    As always if you wanna try this or any other SUPERB product like our Somatozine or MethylBlue, which I would argue are Industry "bests"....use code "WES15" at checkout for 15% off

    Thanks to everyone for your time and following. Let's see what happens!!