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  • New Product on the way at MA Labs!

    Coming soon....


    By MA Labs

    New Super Stimulant Product

    Well, guys, it has been 4 months in the works (trying to get the necessary raws), but we've finally been able to source everything and put this product into production. It should be available in just a few weeks--for real this time. My manufacturer (great guy) is making it now, so I'm really only waiting on the label, which is being created now. After it is created it needs to be sent over to the printing company, then shipped out to the manufacturer and finally sent to me as a finished product.

    What is this Stuff?

    OK, so what exactly is this stuff? Rather than presenting a multi-page product description like I usually do (that will come later), I'll just get right to the point. Methyl-BLUE is a pure stimulant product in encapsulated form. Its foundation is centered around several currently existing amphetamine-like molecules (i.e. molecules with an amphetamine backbone) at extremely high doses. How high? Looking at the numbers, each of these molecules will be dosed roughly 7-10X HIGHER than competing companies. I say "looking at the numbers" because the numbers alone don't tell the full story. In reality, Methyl-BLUE will be significant more powerful than what the numbers indicate due to something called MAO inhibition.

    MAO Inhibition

    Understanding what MAO is and what it does in the body is critical to understanding why Methyl-BLUE is so effective. MAO, otherwise known monoamine oxidases, are a family of enzymes that catalyze the oxidation of monoamines. Why is this relevant? Because virtually all of the amphetamine-based ingredients on the market today are broken down by MAO. Failing to address this issue not only reduces the length of time that these ingredients remain active in the body, but it also greatly reduces their potency.

    While MAO inhibitors are the key to getting the most out of these amphetamine-based compounds, including just any MAO inhibitor is not the answer. One most also consider not only their oral bioavailability, but also the class of MAO that each compound targets. There are two basic group of MAO's. These are MAO-A and MAO-B. MAO-A primarily targets the breakdown of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine, while MAO-B primarily targets dopamine. Properly balancing the inhibition of these two classes of classes of MAOI's is crucial to achieving the best effect possible, as inhibiting them in improper ratios will result in certain effects overpowering others. For example, epinephrine is the chemical responsible for that surge in energy and alertness we feel when we take a stimulant, while dopamine is responsible for their feel good effects (improved mood, euphoria, etc.). Too much or too little of each will result in a poorly formulated product that provides either too much energy with an inadequate feel-good effect, or a powerful feel-good effect with inadequate energy.

    Unfortunately, the large majority of today's products (if they contain any MAO inhibitor at all) are comprised primarily of MAO-A inhibitors. Methyl-BLUE overcomes this obstacle by including not only a very large dose of a highly effective MAO-A inhibitor, but by also including an MAO-B inhibitor with GREATER potency than the prescription-only, pro-dopaminergic drug, Selegiline!


    Methyl-BLUE's proprietary stimulant formula, called "Ampheta-RUSH", is the industry's hardest-hitting, most powerful amphetamine-like product on the market today, but it doesn't end there. In addition to the Ampheta-RUSH formula, Methyl-BLUE also contains a host of other stimulants with significant dopaminergic effects, which further enhance the product's engery producing and euhporia promoting properties.

    Each bottle of Methyl-BLUE will contain 120 capsules at a 4 cap serving size. The price will be $47.99

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    Any reviews on this stuff that I can read yet?


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      Originally posted by Kerouac View Post
      Any reviews on this stuff that I can read yet?
      That item is brand new from what I have read over at AM. It hasn't even come out yet, so there are no reviews yet sir.


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        Any update on eta?


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          Originally posted by Clayboy_123 View Post
          Any update on eta?
          Its due out any day.

          Still not on the website as of today.