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**NEW PRODUCT ALERT* Aderal is a nootropic stimulant...

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  • **NEW PRODUCT ALERT* Aderal is a nootropic stimulant...

    New MA Labs Product: ADERALL

    Hi, guys. I am super excited about my newest product, Aderall. It just went into production and should be out within the next 3 weeks or so. It will be unlike any other product on the market today, as no other product has the ingredient profile this stuff has. This product is LOADED! Check out the ingredient profile! I have a lot to say about this product, but most of the details will be in the write-up (e.g. product description). For now, I will just touch on the basics.

    As you can see, I designed this product to mimic the effects of Adderall, which is not an easy task, but it IS possible. Let's look at the CNS stim blend first. I decided on a combination of dicaffeine male, theacrine and dynamine. Not only will this blend provide a prolonged effect (dicaffeine malate has a longer duration of action compared to regular caffeine), but due to the nature of theacrine and dynamine (and unlike most stim bends), it will not cause the jitters or anxiety, nor will it elevate heart rate or blood pressure to any significant degree. This was an important prerequisite, as the script drug Adderall does not typically provide the erratic, jump out of your seat feeling that many stims provide. Instead, it provides a very intense, but focused effect that lends itself to both physical activity and mental tasks with equal proficiency. For this reason, I knew early on that this particular combo was going to be the foundational CNS component of the product.

    The next ingredient falls in the class of compounds known as eugeroics. For this compound, I decided on adrafinil. For those of you who are unfamiliar with adrafinil, it is very cool stuff. It converts directly to modafinil at an impressive rate and as a result, provides the same exact effect as modafinil, yet it lasts considerably longer (about 12-15 hours). Therefore, this product is NOT something you would want to take in the afternoon or evening, but rather in the morning...or at least 12 hours before going to sleep. As you can see, I dosed this compound HIGH at a full 500 mg per serving. This will provide the equivalent of roughly 250-330 mg of modafinil-- a powerful dosage, to be sure. When combined with the stim blend mentioned above, the effect is highly euphoric, invigorating and both physcially an cognitively enhancing. Just this combination of ingredients alone would be enough to warrant a product n its own, but I went WAY further than that. Enter the nootropic blend...

    With a blend of phenylpiracetam, sunifiram, alpha GPC, sulbutiamine, l-theanine and huperzine-a, Adderall is a vertiable powerhouse! The phenylpiracetam alone is dosed at 125 mg--a dose you're not going to find in any supplement in this industry (if you find it at all), especially in a combination product like this. Phenylpiracetam is awesome stuff, enhancing both physcial and mental abilities alike. It is widely considered to be the most powerful racetam. Unfortunately, It is banned in IOC competition, so for those of you who are subjected to those testing guidelines, abstinence is required. Like phenylpiracetam, sunifiram is also considered the most powerful compound in its class (the ampakines) and is dosed at a full 10 mg. Throw some alpha GPC on top of that (to supercharge the effects of the racetams and ampakines), some huperzine-a on top of that (which supercharges the effect of alpha GPC), some sulbutiamine and l-theanine...and you have a powerhouse supplement unlike anything else on the market today!

    I could go on for pages and pages about each ingredient, but I will stop here...and those of you who want to learn more, more information will be available when the product is released. Just read the product description on the product page.

    Note: Although the ingredient profile shown below lists the product as having 20 servings, the final ingredient profile will have it listed as 20-30 servings, as many people will NOT need (or want) to take the full dosage. With each ingredient being dosed at or above full clinical doses, a full 3 cap dose is very pwerfull. Keep in mind that it takes about 60-75 mminutes for this product to fully kick-in, but once it does, you may find that 3 caps is more than enough for you. Some of you will love the full dose, while others will scale it back a bit. To each their own.

    Aderall High Potency Psychostimulant-Nootropic Matrix”

    60 Capsules
    Servings Size:
    3 capsules (1,885 mg)
    Servings per Bottle: 20

    Per Serving:

    CNS Stimulant Complex

    Dynamine: 250 mg
    Dicaffeine Malate: 200 mg
    Theacrine: 200 mg

    Pro-Modafinil Analogue
    Adrafinil: 500 mg

    Nootropic Complex
    Alpha GPC: 200 mg
    Sulbutiamine: 200 mg
    L-Theanine: 200 mg
    Phenylpiracetam: 125 mg
    Sunifiram: 10 mg
    Huperzine-A: 100 mcg

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    Any update on eta?


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      Originally posted by Clayboy_123 View Post
      Any update on eta?
      Clayboy_123 still saying end of October, hopefully in time for Halloween!!