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  • Back in the groove

    Hello guys. It's been awhile so I need some recommendations for a quality supplier. My contact moved away about two years ago. I'm not ready to purchase because this year was hard for me and I kept myself go a bit but I'm back in the groove and doing well. So a few months I should be carrying less fat and ready to roll.

    I appreciate the help.

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    bbyardie720 great to have you and great to see you have a log here.

    FYI, all the sponsors here are legit, and all offer guarantees. Isovet, GearPro, Private Raws and Dispense Quick offer AAS...

    If you need a legal Prescription, then you want to use Titan.

    View all of their subforums and contact info right here in the forums.

    Good luck and looking forward to your Log/journal. I might do one here shortly as well!


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      Thanks wes. Thanks for all the assistance in the past. I'll get out to ct one day soon.

      I have a lot to learn and lbs to drop before I get back to where I want to be.