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Mediphorm 8 week log (enhanced)

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  • Mediphorm 8 week log (enhanced)

    I've been experimenting with Mediphorm over the last few months. My right arm and shoulder LAG due to an accident years ago. So I've been experimenting with it off and on, getting some results, but nothing extraordinary. The acute swelling is noticeable but goes down in a day or two. I may I have a teeny bit of permanent gain but not much. To be honest I was wondering if it's worth the cost (pain, poking biceps etc.) for the benefit. So I watched all the Mediphorm videos and read all the protocols again and I realize I probably have not been using it right for optimal results.

    So... my new plan is to follow the protocol EXACTLY, including shooting each head of the muscle twice per week, consistently, and increasing the dose, for 8 solid weeks. I will take measurements and post pics. I am currently on TRT and 20mg ED of LGD4033, and 20mg ED inj LGD3033. Calories are just below maintenance at the moment, I'm attempting a re-comp, with plenty of protein. I work out with moderate weight (6-12 rep range) push/pull split 4x per week, I'd say moderate volume. I'm getting stronger every workout and gaining a bit of mass while losing last few lbs. before summer. I am determined! We'll see how it goes.