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Wesley VS. S23 (sarm)

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    Hows the training coming along with this compound? Any lethargy hitting or liver issues?


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      Originally posted by _Endure_ View Post
      Hows the training coming along with this compound? Any lethargy hitting or liver issues?
      None of that so far that I notice. Ty for asking though, here is my update sir!!

      Update 6/21/2019

      Still running the S23 at 45mgs. Still been doing the 2 caps PWO and 1 cap in early am.

      So far no real different changes to be honest. I have noticed 2 small things that I am unsure of. My quad where my tear was has been SUPER dry and tight. My ROM is worse then normal. And I feel dehydrated. My eyes feel dry and are bloodshot in the am. Almost like I am seeing signs of dehydration. Now I do not know if this is allergies, or if this is relative to S23. I can't tell for sure because to be honest, the eyes, it feels how allergies would. But the fact my previously torn quad is feeling deyhdrated stumps me. It is only ever acting like this when I am super dehydrated.

      Now s23 is known to remove water from the muscle and body, so maybe is this from the S23? If it is, it's not a deal breaker, but I am trying to get all the data I can on this product so I will continue to keep an eye out.

      Workout Today
      Biceps and Back

      Hit some Seated Rows, Straight Bar Curls for reps of 20. I did some pulldowns. I did some EZ Bar curls. I was staying a bit ligher rather then go heavier.

      i did some WesleyInman Curls, which is my own creation, here is a video from 3 years old that I have to show you what these are. Fast forward to 1:20 to see the actual exericise:

      Will report back more info on the S23 this weekend.

      Another thing to mention, which I already did. I am shaving like daily and the hair on my face is coming in WAY thicker and WAY darker. My facial hair is never this dark.


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        Interesting on the no changes other than drying out a bit. This one is supposed to be stout. Definitely keep it rolling.


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          Wesley, are you running any mk677 or something for hgh?


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            Thanks Endura and Mike. Appreciate you following along. Mike I am not using MK or any hgh tbh. I had an HRT appt just this week that I missed bc I got so busy and I was trying to get the doctor to prescribe me HGH. So I have to reschedule that and also cross my fingers.

            Update 6/24

            Been several more days and the drying in my eyes is worse as is the dryness in the muscles in my repaired quad. To the point where it's beyond uncomfortable. So at this point what I am going to do, is pull the S23 for a few days, maybe even a week. See if these issues subside. If they don't and the dryness and eye irritation continues I will need to see an allergist bc it's the worst I have ever had and my eyes feel very itchy all the time. If it goes away, I will re-introduce the s23 and then see if these same symptoms return.

            In the meantime I will be still training as usual.

            Also for now, if I had to compare this to any compound that comes to mind...I would probably say it feels an awful lot like high dose Epistane did, except high dose Epistane gave me irritability and aggression. This did not yet. So I will be back to report in a few days


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              Any updates? Stuff should be fully kicking in about now.


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                Originally posted by _Endure_ View Post
                Any updates? Stuff should be fully kicking in about now.
                Yes sir, here we go!

                Update 7/2/2019

                Ok so I took off about 5 days. It took me a day or two to get out of my system. I noticed within 48 hours my eyes were way less itchy and bloodshot. My leg was so hard and achey for a good 48 hours after discontinuation. Then it all resolved. I re-dosed and I immediately the same day started feeling the itchiness coming back. So I hate to report this, but this is 100% this compound causing these issues for me. And honestly I have always heard people complain about Vision issues w certain sarms, especially S4 but there really is not enough feedback on S23. I have to admit my dosaging is super high. I see many people dose even 10mgs, so 45mgs is def up there. Something to consider.

                What I will say is this and it is important. Never have I taken a compound that made me feel so dehydrated and hard and grainy feeling so quick as this. Not superdrol. Not winstrol, not var, not epiandro, not randro. Not Masteron. NOTHING. So with that being said I do believe this may be vital. This might possibly be one of the very best body recomp products that exists. If you ran this just before competing I cannot think of any compound that has dried me out like this. Bodybuilding might be sitting on a gold mine in this compound and not know it.

                So anyways, what I meant to say is I am pulling the log. You see the eyes sucks but I could lower the dose and see if it subsides, EXCEPT...the stiffness in my leg. After not being able to walk for 3 months, a huge surgery and PT for 3x a week for a year. I'm not taking chances. My quad was so tight and hard and I refuse to be stupid enough to possibly damage it again after all I have been through. So huge apology, except I did run this long enough to give my review and I genuinely believe it to be accurate. Thanks to everyone for following along:

                Strength - Def saw strength improvements similar to say Anavar
                Muscle Hardness- Extreme hardening of muscles. Greater then any other compound I have ever used, and I have used them all...
                Size- Over 3 weeks I def saw small lean gains. My clothes fit tighter. Again think a DHT compound, that is what the gains felt like.
                Endurance- Shockingly that is one thing I did see. Great endurance on this, especially when used PWO. Why? I am unsure.
                Cardio Function- LIke I said above, endurance and cardio were improved using this PWO.
                Vascularity- Yes, increased vascularity for sure. Noticeable within 1-2 weeks.
                Aggression- None
                Anger- None
                Depression- None
                Overall Mood- Slightly improved, but more so I think because I was motivated to workout more and I also had better workouts.
                Acne- I did notice one or two pimples pop up, which for me is rare, but who knows , might be coincidence
                Oily Skin- Scalp seemed a bit oily on it
                Changes in mood/temperment- Not really any changes except like I said, more motivated
                Agression in the Gym- Wouldn't say Aggression, but def Improved workouts

                How this effects Sex- Didn't notice much difference but also did not use it immediately prior just to test out
                Sex Drive- Really unchanged
                Any sexually related issues- Did not notice
                Nightmares- Did not notice
                Night Sweats- None
                Any conversion to gyno/pre-gyno- Def won't this is very very dry compound, not wet.
                liver or kidney issues if they present themselves- I did not see any liver/kidney symptoms but I do think at 45mgs this is going to be pretty toxic
                Hair thinning- I didn't lose any hair but I do think this might cause some hair thinning due to the extreme deyhdration alone
                Hair Darkening- Def 100%. Hair on my head and face was way darker
                Hair growth- Facial hair grew in super fast. Way faster then normal.


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                  Good call to know when to pull the plug. Just like any compound works for some and not others. This one especially seems to hit some with hard side effects mostly liver/organ-wise but the dryness etc. I have not heard to such an extreme. Others seem to thrive on it.


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                    Originally posted by _Endure_ View Post
                    Good call to know when to pull the plug. Just like any compound works for some and not others. This one especially seems to hit some with hard side effects mostly liver/organ-wise but the dryness etc. I have not heard to such an extreme. Others seem to thrive on it.
                    Thanks man yeah I feel better now and my leg is def feeling much better. Not worth the risk after all I went through. TY for following the log and commenting


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                      Originally posted by WesleyInman View Post

                      How did you like this?


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                        Originally posted by Orange24 View Post

                        How did you like this?
                        It was ok, very speedy but not nice like the Alpha Mood


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                          I did not hear about BTP, but I've been using the S-23 SARM from Premium Peptides. It has already been 3 months since I started using them. I definitely observed that my muscles started building faster within the body. I don't know if it's because of sarm, but I did not change anything in my diet except using them. I only changed something from my exercise routine, but nothing with such a big impact on the general muscle-building process. There is only one thing why I'm still skeptical about s-23 - no human studies are available for this product. So you can only accept the result of the studies while realizing that any testing has been done on people.
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