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  • Wesley VS. Veda-Gest by MA Labs

    Ok first and foremost, I am a rep for MA Supps aka MA Labs. So let's start with that fact.

    I will do my best to give some solid feedback.

    Been having some digestive issues for the past 2 months and also I have been on Nexium long term, as I have a nasty case of Acid Reflux hereditary, and am looking to see if this product offers me actual relief from either/or.

    I have seen good feedback firsthand from clients, but now it's time to put this to the test on my own. I will be doing 1-2 caps 2-3x per day depending on size of each meal.

    I will update this thread a few times per week only. If you guys have a question, please tag me like this WesleyInman so I see it in my notifications. This product is $29.99 per bottle, and has 120 capsules, and serving size is 2 caps, 3x per day. If you use my code "WES20" at checkout you get 20% off.

    Thanks for following!

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    So far too soon to tell.

    Still using this daily and just wanted to update. Hoping to see a little flattening in my upper abdomen since eating alot daily seems to keep me a bit bloated/puffy.


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      Ok so I'm a solid week+ in and I will say this much. I have been taking it with all my big meals. Usually my belly gets super swollen and puffy for a few hours after a huge meal. With this it seems to be flat again after maybe 15 mins so it's def doing something.

      Digestion has been alot smoother thus far, I will agree to that.

      Also I have been taking my Nexium EOD instead of ED and so far so good. Normally I cannot stop taking nexium bc even a cup of coffee inflames my Acid Reflux. Towards the end of this log, I will stop my nexium completely and see if I am able to remain off it, or if it returns. I think that would be beyond a serious positive.

      Nexium def costs me a solid $20 a month and I'd rather just invest into this for all the additional benefits and AR treatment would be amazing.

      Sadly it is sold out right now via MA Labs if you are trying to get it, but I will get you guys a T/A for when it returns asap.


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        Good update, interesting to see if the better digestion continues to improve with time.


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          Just an update to the thread


          Nothing else really new to report to be honest. Digestion has been much smoother overall for fact. No questions about that. And I am seeing way less bloat still overall and after large meals.

          Product def seems effective. Will update t/A the minute I know!


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            Cool continuing to follow