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  • White Kratom

    Has anyone here tried White kratom for preworkout purposes.

    If so what was your dosage, how long before, and what were the effects of it please?

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    White is by far the most stimulating. Depends on tolerance to opioids/Kratom and stigma partially as far as dose. If you have a high Adderall tolerance don’t expect Kratom to be anything nuts. If no tolerance to any of that I’d say try 2 grams and go from there. One hour before. Empty stomach. Effects being euphoria, energy, really just a more euphoric cup of coffee and potentially slightly more stimulating and much better sense of well being. Some white veins can be pretty fucking stimulating. All depends on the person. If super sensitive to coffee , I’d say try 1.5 grams.

    Hope this helps and please please let us know your results.


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      I just received some white kratom from a friend. I think the capsules were 750mg. I took 5. I liked the feeling. Im just experimenting with it.