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    My email to order for new customers = [email protected]
    Website for reviews and product info(not updated) -

    20% off all orders that are paid with bitcoin

    4-8 day T/A after payment is collected. All orders are shipped within 48 hours
    - Free Shipping. Minimum is $200 (after any type of discount is applied)

    -Payment methods are Zelle, Bank Wire, or Bitcoin... Western union or MoneyGram ($300 minimum if paying with western union or western union. With bitcoin or bank wire or zelle its $200 minimum.)


    IF YOUR ORDER IS OVER $500...10% discount
    IF YOUR ORDER IS OVER $1000...20% discount
    IF YOUR ORDER IS OVER $4000...40% discount off injectables and 20% off orals.

    *You cannot combine more than one discount. For example, you can not apply bulk discount and bitcoin discount. Also Special of the month and tablets are excluded from a discount.

    SPECIAL OF THE MONTH - EQ 500 10 Vials for $420

    Test E 250 mg/ml $40
    Test Phenyl Prop 125 mg/ml $25
    Test Cypionate 250 mg/ml $40
    Test Sustanon 250 mg/ml $40
    Test E 400 mg/ml $50[Small pip, for advanced users]
    Test Phenylprop 50 /Tren Ace 100 / Mast P 100 mg/ml $80(cannot be discounted)
    Mast P 100 mg/ml $45
    Primo E 200 mg/ml $125(cannot be discounted)
    Tren Ace 100 mg/ml $45
    Tren E 200 mg/ml $60
    Test prop 100 mg/ml $25
    Deca 250mg/ml $45
    Mast E 200 mg/ml $55
    Equipose 500 mg/ml $60 Painless
    TNE 100 mg/ml $40***
    NPP 100 mg/ml $30
    DHB 125 mg/ml $45**(cannot be discounted)
    Tren Base 100 mg/ml $35***(cannot be discounted) (OUT OF STOCK)
    Dbol Injectable 50 mg/ml $40

    Anadrol Injectable 50 mg/ml $40
    Superdrol Injectable 40mg/ml $40

    New Blends (these cannot be discounted)
    The German Freak - 30mg Superdrol, 50mg Tren Base $35*
    Mister Heavy Duty - 250mg Test E, 200mg Nandrolone Decanoate $55
    The Shadow - 125mg Test Phenyl Prop, 100mg Tren Ace $50
    The Myth - 250mg Test E, 300mg Equipoise$50(OUT OF STOCK)
    Gentle Giant - 300mg Deca , 300mg EQ $60
    Austrian Oak- 125 mg NPP, 25 mg dbol $50(OUT OF STOCK)

    ***TNE/DHB/TREN BASE/German Freak contains a small amount of Guaicole

    Dbol 25 mg x 60 $45
    Anadrol 50 mg x 60 $45
    Anavar 10 mg x 60 $45
    Anavar 25 mg x 60 $50
    Anavar 50 mg x 60 $90
    Proviron 50 mg x 60 $90

    Superdrol 20 mg x 50 $50 (These are tablets and can break in half easily to get 10 mg if desired)
    Halo 20mgX30 $125 OUT OF STOCK
    Nolvadex 20 mg x 30 $30
    Clomid 50 mg x 30 $30
    Aromasin 25 mg x 60 $70 OUT OF STOCK
    Aromasin 13 MG X 60 $50 OUT OF STOCK
    Arimidex 1 MG x 60 $70
    Cialis 20 MG x 60 $70
    Viagra 100 mg x 30 $60
    Viagra 50 mg x 30 $35
    Winstrol 50 mg x 60 $45
    TBOL 20 mg x 100 $100

    PHARMA(*Discounts can NOT be applied for pharma items)
    Pharma Pfizer Aromasin 25 mg x 28 $80
    Pharma HCG 5000 IU $65 (comes with bacteriostatic water in the box)(OUT OF STOCK) ETA November 1
    Pharma Anadrol (Abdi Ibrahim Anapolon Tablets 50mg x 20) $40 OUT OF STOCK
    BAYER PROVIRON 25 MG x 20 $35
    KLOMEN(Clomid) 50 MG TAB x 10 tablets $20
    Lantus SoloStar Insulin 100 iu/ML 3 ML x 5 pens $135 OUT OF STOCK
    Tiromel t3 25 mcg x 100 $75
    Pfizer Caber 1 mg x20 $80
    Pfizer Caber 2 mg x20 $100
    FDA Pfizer Genotropin 36 IU... $270 a kit(2 kit minimum+free shipping) [Bitcoin Payment only]

    T3/T4 MIX (Bitiron abdi ibrahim) T3 12.5 mcg/t4 50 mcg x 100 tabs $50 OUT OF STOCK
    T4 100 mcg x 50 tabs $50

    Arimidex 1 MG x 28 $80
    GLUCOPHAGE (METFORMIN) 1000 mg X 100 Tablets $70 OUT OF STOCK
    LASIX (FUROSEMIDE) 40 mg X 12 Tablets $25
    LETRO 2.5 MG X 30 Film Tablets $75 OUT OF STOCK

    Carrying oil is a secret blend of organic oils. If you have any allergies let me know. All of our oils go through an insulin pin like melted butter.

    When emailing me please make sure all emails contain the following below in every email that you send so we dont need to find your first email to figure out what you ordered or your order may get delayed.

    (please type here how you would put it on an envelope. It will be copied and pasted so their is no mistake on our end)



    Form of payment requested or paid with: WU, Bitcoin , bank wire(bank transfer), MoneyGram
    Sender Name(Person sending the name):
    Sender Location:
    Total :
    Receiver Name(Who you sent the money to):

    Receiver Location:
    MTCN/Reference Number/Bitcoin info etc:
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    Be sure to let JuicePal know you are an Anabolex Forum member


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      Vouching for Jp as i have already recieved 2 packs from him and awaiting a 3rd.Fast shipping ,great customer service with quility clean ,potent stuff.💪💯


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        ^^ bump ^^ I have one of my guys about to test the Var


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          How’s the var?

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        The blends look outstanding.


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          Just got another TD from JPal. Previous Anadrol and test cycle was fuckin intense. Strength shot through the roof and packed on crazy mass. Lost a little bit of size once the anadrol was done but it was to be expected.


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            Originally posted by Stankdaddy View Post
            Just got another TD from JPal. Previous Anadrol and test cycle was fuckin intense. Strength shot through the roof and packed on crazy mass. Lost a little bit of size once the anadrol was done but it was to be expected.
            Great review, thank you


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              Most people write that it is better to keep money in cryptocurrency. So share your knowledge. Where is it better and without risk to put your savings? What do you know about this Switchere service? Is it possible to get at least 10% per annum here, where are these conditions? Guys, which one of you Buy crypto on Switchere?
              I've read a lot about cryptocurrency but haven't actually bought a single bitcoin yet. Any ideas?
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                Originally posted by treaser View Post
                need bitcoin in 2020
                Pretty sure they have that option, did you ask them?


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                  Interested. Emailing you


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                    Still gtg?


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                      Originally posted by Bassmaster View Post
                      Still gtg?
                      Yes they are very active and reviewed at our sister site ASF.

                      Still gtg.


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                        JPal with lots of recent test results, quality gear for sure!