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    Lion has decided to separate the raw powder portion of their buisness to a different website than finished goods. Everything is still the same with ironlion, same great product and services. There will still only be one email address for contact; [email protected]
    For finished goods;
    For raw powder;

    Lion is having a new sale to get the word out; I'll post the details below.

    Hi everybody
    In order to be clear, so we make a new shop for our raw powders and sarms powders. :
    Now we do a great sales for our raw shop :
    Our current shop : is just for GH,IGF-1LR3, Peptides,HCG,

    If you are interested in raw and sames powders, you can check
    If you are interested in hgh, igf-1lr3,peptides, hcg and injectives, you can check
    in our gh,peptides, igf-1lr3 shop, you can find link. In raw shop, you can find link,

    But the Important Notice: Our ONLY CONTACT EMAIL is ir[email protected]
    You can place your order by Hgh,peptides shop: and by raw shop:
    When we get your order , we just use [email protected] to contact you. Thanks,

    1.)Raw sales:
    The amount of order is 500$ or 500$+ , we offer 20% off.
    GH Sales:

    2).Grey top puretropin(15iu/vial)
    Order 2 to get 1 free kit---------Pay 2x310=520 to get 2+1=3kits
    Order 3 to get 2 free kit---------Pay 3x310=930 to get 3+2=5kits
    And so on.

    3.)Orange top puretropin(10iu/vial)
    Order 2 to get 1 free kit--------- Pay 2x200=400 to get 2+1=3kits

    Order 3 to get 2 free kit--------- Pay 3x200=600 to get 3+2=5kits
    And so on.

    4.) Payment: Bitcoin ,ETH, LTC

    5.) Free shipment. Sure great quality , Re-ship policy.

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    it will end on August 13