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Vicaine, what!?

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  • Vicaine, what!?

    Not a catch. We have "1" unit of the Miraculous supplement that was known as VICAINE!! This has been discontinued for 2 years

    The first $100 bucks takes it home with Priority Shipping!

    Please pay with Zelle or Cash App after purchase!
    [COLOR=#606060!important]Product Reviews[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#808080!important]Best Nootropic [/COLOR]

      Posted by Nate on 3rd Feb 2017
      It's the BEST nootropic I've ever used hands down. 3-4/5 for pain...but I'm also tolerant....but energy, focus, etc is amazing and its by far the greatest mental energy supp blend I've ever used and I've taken nuvigil, adderall, vyvanse, etc.

    • [COLOR=#808080!important]Powerful [/COLOR]

      Posted by Chris on 3rd Feb 2017
      "Gonna tell everyone right now right here this product is 150% legit... get it while u can is all I'm saying Ik I am. Lots of marketing scams out there but this is not one of them.. without going into detail I've had major lumbar and cervical fusions and have been stuck on pain meds for years and I'm not talking just a Vicodin either I'm talking very very powerful stuff most drs won't prescribe to cancer patients.. this stuff WILL replace your cravings and help anyone in pain I personally guarantee and I'm no novice to opioid medications.. I'm giving this a 10/10 and the fast shipping from iml cannot be beat. 2 days from order to door ... I'm gonna say I've lived in a lot of pain w my back even though I criple myself at work and in the gym I will not give up, this stuff has taken my pain levels to the lowest it's been since before i started having issues w degenerative disc disease . It's no fun. Even if this stuff only worked for one day it's a blessing to be pain free for a single day .. even hooked to button controled iv dialaudid for 3 days I had more pain than I have now. Who knew there was a legal alternative this whole time. Cannot thank Wesley enough and whoever the genius is for creating this product. I'll stop rambling u get my point. I'm in no way affiliated w iml or any other supplement companies I'm just average joe in ny here giving my honest opinions"

    Alpha Mood Pump is SOLD OUT!

    Thank you for all your purchases

    Look closely at this guys

    1 bottle = 30mL
    Dosage below is shown PER ML

    Won't last for long. Great for body recomp, adding lean muscle, and strength minus a ton of bodyweight. Also will improve endurance.

    $69.99 on sale now
    [COLOR=#606060!important]Product Reviews[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#808080!important]Amazing product [/COLOR]

      Posted by Dan on 22nd Apr 2020
      How do they have all those powerful ingredients with such a light taste? I'm amazing at this pre workout. Taste is amazing and it hits hard with ZERO crash.
      Well freaking done BTP Creations

    • [COLOR=#808080!important]Great pre-workout [/COLOR]

      Posted by Dana on 27th Oct 2019
      This pre-workout is great. It gave me the energy I needed to blow through my cardio and the pump I was looking for, for weight lifting without jitters and with no crashing. It has a light fruit punch flavor which is good, it wasn't too sweet like some other pre-workouts I've had.
    Trestolone is now in stock $39.99

    Then use code "WES15" at checkout for 15% off the order