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Elavacity Smart Coffee + Hot Cocoa + Keto Chocolate Review

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  • Elavacity Smart Coffee + Hot Cocoa + Keto Chocolate Review


    Here’s my review of Toney Freeman’s new products:

    First his Smart Coffee combined with the XanthoMax sells as a combo called DOSE. I wanted to compare, price, taste and effects versus my $3 Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut coffee.

    Price wise they are very close, around $3 per day for 1 serving. Taste wise, if you use hazelnut creamer w the Elevate coffee, it’s decent tasting! Dunkin wins for taste. Effects wise. Zero comparison. The DOSE formula increases energy, mood, motivation and has no crash. Dose combo blows away regular coffee. I’ve used many nootropics on the market and this is hands down one of my favorites.
    The ChocoVate, hot cocoa version works exactly as well but tastes just as good as hot cocoa!
    The KetoChoc product is awesome. Zoom in on the label. These taste exactly like designer choc from Sweden or Russia. They have only 1g of sugar. Even healthier option for those of you dieting or cutting carbs.
    Very pleased with all of these products and highly recommend! (Not affiliated w this brand or paid to review)
    Buy the Smart Coffee here:

    Please contact Toney to purchase the Chocolate! Thanks everyone🙂