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August HPLC results

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  • August HPLC results

    here is the comprehensive HPLC analysis for august. we will be conducting these test each month on different products.
    this test was done with the help and support of some mod supervision.
    some claims are floating around that Janoshik testing are flawed so we conducted a test of our own.

    the samples sent were as follows.
    all samples were sent in 2ml HPLC sampe vials.

    S1- 1ml testosterone cypionate 200
    S2- 1ml testosterone isocaprioate 200
    S3- 1ml trenbolone acetate 100
    S4- .5ml test cyp 200, .5ml tren ace 100, .5ml mct oil.

    Sample 4 was a control sample we conducted to test the validity of janoshiks HPLC testing. all samples were sent off blind, with no identifying markers other then numbers 1-4.
    sample 4 was designed to eliminate many potential variables, HPLC would be the only way to tell the exact volumes and concentration of sample 4.
    the numbers of sample 4 are derived directly from samples 1 and 2. the MCT oil was to dilute the mixtures to provide an extra layer of difficulty.
    this means that only 1/3 concentration of trenbolone would be present and only 1/3 concentration of testosterone would be present.
    to derive a number we simply divide the concentration of sample 1 by 3 and the concentration of sample 2 by 3 and this should give us an accurate description of what sample 4 actually contains.

    lets just say the results are quite interesting.
    attached below are the final results.
    i will quickly write them out as well.

    Actual content:
    S1- contained 248.13 mg/ml of test cypionate ( HIGH )
    S2- contained 252.62 mg/ml of test iso ( HIGH )
    S3- contained 111.66 mg/ml of tren ace ( IN RANGE )
    S4 - contained 34.98 mg trenbolone ace and 79.01 mg testosterone cyp ( IN RANGE )

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      for some reason sample 3 would not load on the original post. you may view it in the post above.


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        Awesome! Thank you!


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          Running your Test ISO now. It’s amazing !!


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            Thank you for the feedback guys. glad you are enjoying the iso. we all love that ester.