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  • Winstrol

    So I just recently started my first cycle in order to cut which consists of 30 mg of Winstrol ED by and 250 mg of test e with a frontloading of 750 mg in the first week. I am currently in the second week but I realized since am still about 14% bodyfat it might be too early for Winstrol, so would it be a good idea if I took Winstrol for two weeks to kickstart the cycle until the test kick in, then I stop for 2 weeks to lose extra body fat then return the Winstrol for the final two weeks to fully use its benefits when I am much leaner.
    Ps: I am also using albuterol and I train 6 /week with twice a day cardio.
    I would appreciate your take on this.
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    So wait you are using 70mgs of winny ED?