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    Rigaud's Review

    "Hey guys,
    Recently ran Species Level 3 Beyonder, which is a SARM's / PH mix by BTP Creations

    I started it along with a Nandrolone Deconate / Test Enatathe cycle. I have to admit I didnt have any bloating issues, and I was actually leaning out while on deca. Then again it was hard to tell how much it did for me strength wise or mass wise. I did get into some high estrogen issues, which I took care of with Letrozole. But that could have come mostly from the heavy aromatization from the test.
    I still have a bottle left, which I will either use during TRT, post cycle, which is in about 6 weeks. Or I will use it when I start my next cycle which will be test / masteron / EQ. Maybe I could get a better feel and see more of the benefits that way."

    Any suggestions when you guys think would be best to run it, just let me know. Looking forward to start on it again. Def a great products for staying lean and leaning up, hands down

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    I personally always ran it two a day, spaced out for the first week, then went to taking two an hour before I worked out starting week 2. On week 5 I bumped it up to 3 a day and was blown away with its strength. There was def some acne sides etc from that dosage.