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Gh and insulin protocol.

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  • Gh and insulin protocol.

    My plan this year is to really improve upon what I’ve built over the past 12 years and that means adding in 2iu of gh Ed. I’m a hyper responder and even ghrp gives me numb fingers. My only reservation is getting insulin resistant quickly. When I ran 6 months of mk677 my fasted glucose got above 100 and I’d like it in the mid 80’s where it was prior. I’m assuming a low basal dose of insulin would solve this problem, potentially lantus before bed and in the morning. But need to continue researching the safest most conservative approach to this. I’m certain that a moderate dose of test, another anabolic and gh this year will add some very high quality tissue. I train extremely hard and haven’t missed a day in years so moving in this directions not only seems relatively safe but highly advantages as I enter my mid 30’s. Any input here would be helpful as the whole balance of gh and insulin can be tricky and I’ve yet to really tap into it. I’ve considered using glucose disposal agents instead but usually they’re short acting and wouldn’t carry me through the night where most of my protein is being broken down. Let me know if you guys have any input! Thx fellas.

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    Bumping to ask how did your plan go?
    What did you wind up running?