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  • Dq update

    DQ is still disappeared off Earth

    One of the greatest sponsors ever, and again, he left dozens and dozens of funds not picked up, we know this was not a scam. We knew that from Day 1 though.

    So 1 of 3 things happened.

    1) Busted

    2) Major Health issue

    3) went off grid to avoid issues

    Unfortunately and sadly, we are removing DQ from the subforums for the Members safety. We have no choice. Everyone has been taken care of and there should be no outstanding or existing issues.

    Thank you to animalxxx AnaboleX and the crew here and our sister site for hooking everyone up. Lest you forget MONSTER gear. They are not a sponsor here, but please support them as well as they also were part of making sure everyone is taken care of

    So we close this chapter and we still have many GREAT options. We still have the BEST options for products here anywhere.

    Trusted and Reliable Resources. Enjoy-