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Age and certain compounds

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  • Age and certain compounds

    As you age and get old like myself...I know there certain products that should probably avoided and some that become a "better choice". In your opinion what would you avoid and at what age? What would you consider safer compounds to run later in life?

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    Not sure how we compare in age but I tend to stay away from 19-nor now that I’m older, my body doesn’t react well to them like I used to. I usually cruise at 300 a week on cyp or other long ester test or test blend like T400 or Sus. Twice a year I’ll blast prop up to 750 and usually add in Mast and Var.


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      Precisely. I avoid all compounds now, except my scripts, (hrt) and HCG.

      I use some OTC products too but for me, it's not worth going insane like I did when I was young. Plus you wanna stay with all legal options as we get older, and not deal with all the drama and worries imo.


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        Youngin here, but I think low dose is always the way to go. Trt dose and proper training and you should be making perfectly good gains granted your stuff is legit and your eating for your goals. I think methyl orals are a given as to what not to use. Not something I mess with period. I’ve done very little dbol and I mean very little. Not even daily for a week. 10-20 Preworkout here and there and that was it. Did 4 weeks of PP’s SuperDrone As a first cycle, stupid as fuck I know. Only oral id touch is viron, or currently eating up the last of IML’s r-Andro. God I wish they still produced it.

        As harsh as tren can be, 40-80 tren e a week is quite tolerable. I wouldn’t go past 80 personally. Never liked Deca or NPP even ultra low dose destroyed libido even with pharma Prami.

        Low dose test, low dose tren, maybe some DHT prohormone or analogue. That’s about it. And some peptides. iPam and CJC w DAC if I were to throw that in. Super simple. Super effective. Pretty much side effect free. I wouldn’t even do more than 280 test a week.